Songs of the Forgotten.

You sing of the deep oceans,

and the blue skies.

The sunflowers in spring,

and the dew at night.

I listen to your voice, with

all the breath in my heart.

And try to remember the

melody, that I forgot.

You sing of the sound of the waves,

and even I can’t make out,

 the depth in every phrase.

But I continue to try with all

the breath in my heart,

to search for the melody that I forgot.

I wouldn’t mind staying here all night,

listening to you sing of the colors of life.

I wouldn’t mind losing my way,

as long as you’re there to take my breath away.

And as you sing of the green fields,

and the blush of a maiden behind the veil.

I found the melody that I forgot,

as your voice reached the depths of my heart. 

- Jasmine John

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Cloudy Skies and Magic.

Do we really know about the sky? I guess no one really does. All we know is that the ionosphere reflects radio waves and all we see are the glimmering stars. But no matter how many astronomers and astronauts there are, we’ll never be able to get enough of it.

You know you can dig the earth, reach the center and hit the bottom. But it’s not the same with what’s above.

No matter how far you look, no matter how high you reach, you can never hit the top. It’s an enigma. It makes you keep searching for something. Meteor showers, shooting stars and eclipses are just glimpses of the beautiful magic above us. The rainbows of hope and the warm evening skies remind us of the significance of the mysteries yet to be discovered.

And in the end, you can’t help but enjoy moments when you experience the bliss of the warmth under the skies and what’s beyond it. It’s an unfathomable aspect and that’s why heaven’s really above us, right?

In a place truly beautiful, which no one really knows about. That’s what makes some people look forward to it, when they’re ready to know about it.

- Jasmine John

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You Found You.

You’re wailing and screaming and crying.

Consumed with mirth, drenched in pain,

exhausted with fear.

The ground falls beneath your feet,

your hands reach out to the sky.

There’s not a thing you can hear.

A blind light shines upon your face,

an elliptical drop touches your hair.

Your heart is filled with freedom,

- undaunted by the possibilities.

Your mind is at peace with you,

- nonchalant of what may come.

Then as lightening burns the night sky,

And thunder shakes the clouds awake.

Tremulous rain falls down like confetti,

And you slowly disappear and fade away.

~ Jasmine John

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  • 7 months ago
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I want to go to sleep,

but these words keep pouring out.

I mumble and whisper and speak,

Of things I shall never figure out.

I write so furiously,

Of words that make no sense.

I’m afraid of what my heart is feeling,

or what it’s trying to tell.

Tomorrow I’ll wake up,

If Time allowed slumber.

And tear up these pieces,

of wasted paper.

I’ll wake up to another day,

Of confusion and doubt.

Of what it is my heart seeks,

And is bursting to scream and shout.

~ Jasmine John

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The fireworks burst and shatter in the sky,

and fade away in the blink of an eye.

No trace, no glitter left behind,

except for shadow and smoke in the night.

The winds carry the music of the fields,

the rivers bring the tears to sea.

The symphony silences at the mountain peak,

and the tears are lost in the depth of the sea.

The tallest trees do fall one day,

the warm sand does disappear one day,

the young grow old and the old wither out,

buried in the earth to decay and rot.

- And another firework flies out to sky,

and bursts into millions of bright light.

The winds carry away and the river flows on,

The birds rejoice a bright new dawn.

The little seed may take it’s time,

the Miracles of Life shall slowly bind.

The mother smiles at the child’s first cry,

and thanks heavens, up above so high.

~ Jasmine John

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  • 8 months ago


I see the world in black and white,

I push and pull with all my might.

My walls stand strong and 

my eyes shine bright,

I jump over pits toward that light.

The light that drives the hearts of the brave,

the light that frightens the cowards and the naive.

I see it clear though it’s a far sight,

I’ll tread on thorns by the hollow night.

The road gets treacherous at the end of the ride,

But I’ve decided to leave my worries behind.

The journey has been long and hard,

and cynical thoughts have crossed my mind.

Even when my heart, sinks in disdain,

The warrior in me shall never fail.

~ Jasmine John

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The Stricken Today, The Grim Tomorrow.

The planet scorches and smokes,

toxic fumes of mortal’s business.

Having lost it’s natural radiance,

is now crude and coarse.

The oceans wail and rage, 

for their waters exploited.

Seas cry out for the life within,

and the bounty that which is plundered.

The trees moan in vain,

as humans burn them down.

Their precious resources lay wasted,

and humanity carries recklessly on.

The Sky watches silently from above,

"Oh the agony I’ve witnessed."

"I can shelter no longer the earth,

and the treasures with which we’re blessed.”

The earth once full and lavish,

now crackles in it’s parched lands.

The Sun bends down, merciless,

and the snow mountains decline.

The human race, ignorant and guilty,

are blinded by their foolishness.

They continue their ghastly criminal deeds,

unaware of the Age of Darkness.

As for me, I am human too,

guilty as much as you.

Like me, have others sung songs of nature, 

and the bounty that which it beheld.

Now these will remain mere words,

ascribed on pieces of  paper.

Until the spark of humanity,

is finally lit together.

The posters and slogans,

will do no good.

It’s respect that nature needs.

Refill the bounty, save what’s left,

from which our children may feed.

~ Jasmine John

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The sun sinks below the horizon,

the city sleeps under the shimmering stars.

Dreams and thought float in the dark,

hopes of the persistent in dire hours.

The sullen and pensive, tired of vain pursuits,

turn cynical thinking of the day ahead.

Dismal with the thought of recurring failures,

Another defeat is what they dread.

Battle for the glory is a mighty struggle,

and the forces of life beat you down.

Let these grim thoughts settle,

even as fate upon you frowns.

There’s more to glory than glory itself,

it’s rather the strife you endure for it.

Showers of triumph shall rain upon you,

your reasons to worry are anything but true.

I say to those wakeful brethren,

Sleep now and sleep well,

Glory in your lives shall flood the gates

As for you, the persistent, petrichor day awaits.

- Jasmine John

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It’s not fate, it’s not the lines on your palm and it’s definitely not your birth date. You have the power to make your destiny, your future. The power is within you. Feel it, overcome it. Accept it.

Don’t sit down. Rise. Rise above all that you were yesterday. Take that one step today and another tomorrow.

Dream big. But don’t forget to work toward them. Reach out far, but don’t fall off the edge. Don’t search for a path, make one.

It’s never too late. You still dream. You have hope and strength. You can find the strength. Search for yourself in the ocean of your heart.

You’re blinded by the glitter and fooled by that smokescreen. And you’re too busy looking at other people, being like them that you forget who you are.

Because when you’re at the corner and life’s beating you down, you’re sweating, your ears are ringing and your head’s pounding. That day you’ll fall alone. They won’t take your beating, they won’t block the punches and they won’t feel the blood rushing and burning your veins. You will.

The walls are pushing down on you and the gates are closing. Remind yourself of the power within. You push harder. Fight. Not for your parents, not for your friends, but for yourself. Ball up that fist and put everything you’ve got into achieving that one thing you’ve always dreamt of.

Because when you stand on top of that mountain or sit in that comfy chair or finally open that letter, you’ll know you did it. And you didn’t do it for anybody else but yourself.

And that day will be the best day of your life. That day, you and the world will know, that you rose. You did. 

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The Wistful Poet.

A pen, a paper,


A pensive time,

a restless moment.

The thoughts flow out.

Not like a fountain,

But a waterfall.

Emerging and crashing.

The mind clears,

the pen stops,

and the soul ponders.

Still and skeptic,

the poet reads,

that which he has produced.

And then the power.

The Power of Words,

surges within.

The greatest of all,

of Divine Worlds.

- Jasmine John

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I’ve never seen anyone get so excited over books before. You’d think they were diamonds.

Will Herondale
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"Sometimes things aren’t exactly the way they seem."
How many times have you heard that? How many times have you read it in a book? Or heard repeatedly in a pop-song?

Because frankly, it’s a pathetic attempt at optimistic poetry. Or maybe even pessimistic. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. The point is, everything is exactly the way it seems at that moment. At least to you. And that’s all that matters, right? What it seems to you.

- Jasmine John
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The sky is orange with a light pink hue,

My hair blows along the cool autumn breeze,

The red maple leaves rustle under my feet,

As I trudge along the path amongst the trees.

The scent of the woods pulls at my memories, 

And I heard her in my head.

"Not too far, dear one. Stay close," she’d said,

As I ran about kicking up the leaves.

She tried to keep up, calling out occasionally,

And I strayed as far as I could.

Over the years, I’d strayed farther,

Away from home; and her. 

She’d grown frail and wrinkled, 

Too weak and tired to call me anymore.

I didn’t worry much, I kept busy,

And then, she left, so silently. 

I laid down a single white rose,

My cheek damp with dried tears.

And as I walked away to the woods,

My mind recalled those glorious years.

And now here I am,

Wishing I’d not wandered so far.

Wishing I’d been there close by, 

And we’d not been so apart.

I wish I’d called out,

"Mother, I’m here, I’m home,"

But all I can do right now,

Is to wish a little more. 

- Jasmine John

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Saltwater Shower

 I was there again, once again,

the place I felt most at peace.

I am here again, once again,

to see the waves crash in the sea.

Early at dawn, walking down the beach,

the smooth waves play at my feet.

I look ahead, far across the ocean

as far as my eyes can reach.

It’s silent as it can be,

and I stop to listen.

There’s a whisper so quiet I hear,

as the foamy waves glisten.

I lay down on the warm sand,

and I let my thoughts wander.

My worries vanish and a smile is on my lips

as I play with the cerulean waves.

And I’m here again, once again,

the place I feel most at peace.

And I’ll be here again, once again,

to see the waves crash in the sea.

- Jasmine John

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